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About MCML

About MCML

The Montréal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML) is a 14-day performance and creation workshop exploring, celebrating, and creating bonds between performers, composers, sound artists, improvisers and mixed/multi media artists engaged in the act of creating new music. Formed in 2011 by seven emerging musicians, we are a collective run entirely by and for young artists in Montréal.

In addition to the main thoroughfare of rehearsing and producing new music, participants will take part in workshops, lectures, masterclasses, concerts, social outings, collective meals, and spontaneous events. Our invited guest artists are present throughout the lab, presenting workshops, providing coachings during rehearsal and studio times, attending concerts and exhibitions, and providing feedback during our many open forums for discussion. The event concludes in a concert showcasing the collaborative efforts of everyone involved.

MCML is a workshop for emerging musicians with an open mind. It is not a competition, nor is it a festival. For some, it is a first foray into contemporary music making; while for others, it is a chance to meet new people and forge connections with others in the community. The Lab is a supportive environment in which to experiment, learn, and most importantly, collaborate in music making.



The MCML’s mandate is twofold: to foster healthy relationships and build bridges between young student and/or emerging composers and performers by putting them in close collaborative relationships, encouraging dialogue, creation, and experimentation; and to provide these emerging artists with valuable professional development experiences in the form of open rehearsals, workshops, and public performance opportunities.


We aim to foster a sense of shared authorship and mutual creative respect between composers and performers. We believe that embracing stylistic or idealistic incongruities can lead to the development of new vocabularies, working methods and approaches to music making.


Our lab is a place to get out of your comfort zone! We encourage participants to boldly go places in their artistic practice that they have never gone before.

Open Environment

We celebrate differences in values and artistic approaches, and we do not value one aesthetic over another. We create a space where artists feel free to share their unique practice.


We aim to connect artists of various disciplines from within and outside of Montréal, creating lasting friendships and future partnerships.


We believe that money should not be a barrier to participation in our event. We aim to keep our participant fee low, provide meals during the event and facilitate opportunities for participants living in Montréal to host visiting participants.


We live and work in a community of both Francophones and Anglophones. Therefore, our event is bilingual and participants are always free to communicate in either French or English.

Our Team

The Montréal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML) is run entirely by and for young and emerging artists living and working in Montreal. Our programming and community have grown tremendously throughout the last few years, and the makeup of our team has evolved to welcome a wealth and diversity of contributors. We meet regularly throughout the year on a volunteer basis in order to imagine and plan the lab.

Organisational team

Current Members : Francis BattahTommy Davis, Keiko Devaux, Joseph Glaser, Gavin Goodwin, Jonathan Goulet, An-Laurence Higgins, Michael Mansourati, Fernando Murillo, Jesse Plessis, Marilène Provencher-Leduc, Jacob Struzik, Alexandra Tibbitts

Past members : Daniel Áñez, Jane Chan, Catrin Dowd, Patrick Giguère, Nicolas Hyatt, Mason Koenig, William Kuo, Laurence Latreille-Gagné, James O’Callaghan, Lyne Santamaria, Frédérique Tanguay-Gagnon, Krisjana Thorsteinson, Ida Toninato, Christina Volpini

Founders : Christa Marie Emerson, Nick Hyatt, Daniel Larraín, Luke Nickel, Jason Noble, James O'Callaghan, Scott Rubin

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