The Montreal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML) is a novel format of musical creation centred around healthy collaboration and creativity. During the Lab, participants will engage in rehearsals, workshops and roundtable discussions with participating artists as well as the guest artist mentors. Two realisations of each project will occur during the Lab with ample rehearsal and revision time scheduled to allow the participants to thoroughly develop and prepare their projects.

MCML focuses on the collaborative process between artists through the exploration of co-composition, comprovisation (an improvisation which is recorded and then either replicated or further fleshed out into a larger piece), composers who also perform, and performers who improvise or contribute material to the composition. We understand that some applicants may prefer to participate in a composer-performer collaboration, and these applications are also accepted.

Open Projects can also be proposed if an applicant has a specific idea they would like to explore. For instance, this could be from an instrument builder who would like to have their instrument included in a piece, or a performer who would like to lead a group using a specific improvisation technique. Special Project applicants may be asked to perform in another project during the course of the lab. Please take note: even though it is an “open” project, for your proposal to be considered you must have a clear  description and the selection committee must be able to imagine the end result. Project proposals which are vague or lacking sufficient supporting documentation (recordings, etc.) will not be given priority.

The only applications we are unfortunately unable to accept this year are for projects that include a piece of unlimited duration, such as an installation. If you are a sound artist and would like to apply, please adapt your proposal to work as a concert piece with a fixed-duration.

Format of the Lab

As previously mentioned, MCML will take place as a 14-day laboratory. Applicants will be divided into the following pairings:

  1. Composer-Performer: where a composer will submit a piece to be performed by a solo performer or chamber ensemble, either with a typical or alternative approach as described above.

  2. Open Projects: where a participant who proposed a more specific project will have the opportunity to realize it.

For the first seven days of the lab, participants will begin working on their piece. During this time, each group will also give a short presentation of the work to the other participants in the lab, inviting critical discussion and allowing for all participants to share and become invested in the work. After this initial period of rehearsal, the works will be performed in an informal “Ice-Breaker” concert given to the other participants in the lab and the guest artist mentors.

The remaining seven days are dedicated to revision, experimentation and completion of the works. This part opens with a round table discussion where participants give feedback on the concert and reflect on the process thus far. Participants will then regroup and collectively revise their work, preparing for the final public presentation at the closing concert. All participants will receive high-quality recordings of their work.

Important Dates

Date of MCML workshop: June 25 - July 8, 2018

Application Deadline: February 5, 2018

Acceptance Notification: March 1, 2018

Participation Fee Deadline: March 13, 2018

Pairing Notification: March 25, 2018

Score Submission Deadline: May 25, 2018


The 250$ fee is obligatory for participation in the Lab and is to be paid by March 11, 2018 upon a successful application. Once we have your payment and Participation Agreement Signature, we can send you your ensemble information. We accept payments by the following methods:

  • Interac e­mail transfer to the Montréal Contemporary Music Lab. labomontreal@gmail.com

    • This is our preferred method of payment!

    • Please be sure to indicate your transfer password in a separate message.

  • Paypal plus 5% transaction fee to the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab.

*The participation fee will increase to 275$ for all payments made after March 11, 2018.